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Ways of saving makes sense for you or  your business no matter if you are looking  for: personal solutions, business solutions, advisory solutions or solutions as a vendor.  The platform will make your operation run smoothly by taking advantage of an environment that links many applications creating the ultimate synthesizer of information.  It will become the new way doing business, and below is part of the reason why.



1. COUPONS: Coupon alerts allow you take advantage of deals that will allow your budget goals to be met.


2. QUICK QUOTE: Quick quote gets you a price on a purchase that combines both the best price with the a rated business.


3. BUDGETING: Budgeting will be available at the fingertips of the individual insuring they can keep well within the constraints they set on their spending.


4. ADVISORS AT YOUR FINGER TIPS: Professional service providers that you may not have considered are available with a couple of clicks of the mouse allowing you to take advantage of any cost saving strategies they may have to offer.


5. ALERTS TO KEEP YOU IN THE INVESTMENT LOOP: You can set alerts to give you proper notification to take advantage of investment opportunities that match your portfolio.



1. ACCOUNTANT SUMMARY: Monitoring the pulse of the company is made easy with check-in tools.


2. MARKET TO OFFER YOUR SERVICE/PRODUCT:  You will be among many professionals on the platform that may need your particular service.


3. ADVISORS AT YOUR SERVICE: Advisors can provide valuable cost saving advice if in -fact you are considering business transactions that may substantially change your financial well-being.


4.  SAVE ON ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS: Platform will save you money in administrative costs associated with running an office.   The time spent locating documents, inserting financial data and providing follow-up document support will be saved because the platform will integrate  already generated data and documents allowing for quick distribution solutions of said  information.




1. SAVE ON INPUT: The headaches of inputting data becomes a thing of past with Flinx allowing the accountant to focus on more profitable source of income, like consulting. This is made possible because point of sale transactions can make it to your books and reports can be generated and shared with all relevant parties instantaneously.


2. SAVE ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COSTS: IT costs are a thing of the past, as well, now that you can have your whole office in the cloud without having to worry about maintenance of input devices (i.e. laptops and mobile devices).


3. SAVE ON ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS: You can save on administrative cost when it comes to serving your clients because they have access to work product in storage spaces on the platform, communication is readily available, and the time to provide support services to a client are at a minimum.


4. CONSULTING FEES MADE POSSIBLE: You can help support your clients while generating new consulting fees with alerts you set when your client is considering certain transactions that have considerable implications to their financial health outlook.


5. NO NEED FOR BRICK AND MORTAR: The high costs of operating a brick and mortar office can essentially be a thing of the past if you choose to go completely to the cloud.





1. PLATFORM MAKES YOU EFFICIENT: The turnaround on profitable services is decreased providing for a faster turnaround on billable services.


2. SAVE ON IT COST:  IT costs are a thing of the past considering all the tools you need for your service are housed on the platform.


3. COST SAVING CONSULTING SERVICES: Your ability to provide supportive consulting services will be one of many ways that other readily available forms of revenue generation can be made possible.   This is made possible because of the time freed up from not having to input data that is already seamlessly transmitted via the platform.


4. REFERRALS MADE POSSIBLE: Other financial service firms will be instantaneously in your network allowing you to gain cost saving knowledge and referrals.


5. NO BRICK AND MORTAR: The high costs of operating a brick and mortar office can essentially be a thing of the past if you choose to go completely to the cloud.



1. NO NEED FOR ADVERTISING:  You will save on advertising considering the platform is a captivated market that provides an open audience to the financial application offerings.


2.  CAPTIVE MARKET:  Your ability to showcase your product on the platform and gain more market share is made a reality when you consider clients can adopt your product within a couple clicks.


3.  SAVE ON PROGRAMMING COSTS:  As a vendor you will save on programming costs related to integration as this is the expertise of Flinx.


4.  TECHNOLOGY TO OPTIMIZE YOUR PRODUCT: Vendors may save valuable IT costs as Flinx plays a supportive role in helping optimize your application offerings.

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