Flinx transforms disconnected financial applications into interconnected solution hubs.





Flinx is a platform using cloud based technology that allows you to manage all your cloud financial applications and hosted trusted advisors. It’s a totally efficient and effective financial management tool that can be used by individuals, business people, advisors and application vendors. As a single sign-on portal, you can view your financial status, update, merge, and share information securely with new and already-in-use cloud applications, advisors, and even invite other people that meet your needs. With Flinx you can work year-round with your advisors. Flinx makes timely savings/earnings opportunities in reaching your financial goals possible.

1.  Sign in to the Flinx single sign-on portal and upload current cloud applications

2.  Flinx seamlessly populates the information through your chosen applications saving time and effort from re-entering data

3.  Manage and store documents and financial data through our secure partners on the platform

4.  Use our tools to view, merge and share that information with the right people.

5. Use centralized data to prepare reports for financial analysis


The platform, although allowing for the free flow of information, does it in a manner that surpasses the highest level of security required by local, state and federal regulators. Flinx gets your financial data where it needs to go with security being the first priority.

SINGLE SIGN-ON.  Single sign-on allows you to manage all your applications without the hassle of having to have separate windows or typing in login information each time.  One username and one password provides everything you need to manage your finances.


PRIVACY.  The privacy of our users is of utmost importance.  Flinx allows users to choose which applications and service providers see their information.  Flinx never receives access to the information unless it is your desire to participate in what Flinx has to offer.


MULTIPLE SERVICES.  The applications on the platform offer many financial solutions including banking, payroll, expense management, taxes and real estate.  It is like having an application library managed from your own personal command center.


EFFICIENCY. We harness the power of the web to create a tool that allows for efficiency at its peak.  Instead of having to enter data separately on each application, we give you the ability to auto-populate from the tools you already use.


CENTRALIZED WORK FLOW LINKED.  Centralized linking system allows for automatic flow-through of data from one application to another. With the right permissions granted, people in your financial network can get real time access to proforma reports


EXPANSIVE NETWORK. Expand your network of professional finance partners by finding them in your area by rating, and specialties.  Become a stronger finance manager by incorporating these resources to help facilitate what you need done.


SEAMLESS efficiency in getting vital financial information to the right people.  No longer are the days you have to bring a shoe box of receipts to the accountant.  We help you manage your data and documents and get them to the right people.  View when they've received it and any notifications for more information needed.


SIMPLE streamlines of communication.  Manage your communication from your advisors in one place.  For example, allow your attorney to ask questions of your accountant and view your shared documents.


SIGNIFICANT RELEVANT FINANCIAL DATA TRANSFER.  All data can be transferred but not all data is created equal.  That is, the relevance of data is dependent on the business or personal transaction desired.  Flinx allows relevant data to get to where it needs to be in order to fulfill the desired transaction.


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