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Flinx as the Solution?


Flinx is the single sign-on application that incorporates all the current cloud applications that are being used by your clients. Flinx allows for the seamless adoption of cloud technology, answering how adoption of the cloud can be undertaken. This is cloud computing that essentially allows innovative services, re-engineered processes, improved agility, and optimized value.  It is a true scalable cloud computing platform with the only limits becoming how far your services can take it.

Flinx Power at Work?


Upon the client's granting of several levels of permission, the financial service provider can have relevant information readily available via central storage providers that include Dropbox.com and Box.net. This information can be circulated to other professionals who are a part of Flinx, allowing the transaction to be delivered in a much more timely fashion.

Work Product and Services Become Timely


- Stock trades can be made with an advisor stamp of approval.


- A lawyer can simply enter the virtual room that stores all the expenses incurred by a trust he/she has to account for by submitting a report as a trustee.


- Realtors can obtain a tax return needed to insure qualification on a loan by a client in order to close the deal.


- A financial planner can personally access compilations from those clients of whom a request was made with the assurance that it was delivered through an encrypted method meeting local, state and federal regulations.


The Strength Outlined


1. Maintaining data centers are expensive for a business and Flinx takes care of it.


2. Less time being spent on IT concerns allowing for more time to grow your business.


3. You can scale it up or down fast and efficiently.


4. Faster to adopt; more savings.


5. No capital tied up in IT.


6. Single view of multiple engagements with clients.


7. CRM brings the water cooler to the cloud allowing for secrets of the trade to be shared from a sales perspective.


8. More time to create strategic alliances that make sense from a core business stand point and not an IT standpoint.




Your data is safe and secure with Flinx because we don’t use your information for an unintended purpose and Flinx encrypts the information you intended to be used. We surpass the minimum standard set by regulators for professionals on our platform.

Latest Applications on Board


Flinx offers the latest applications that already are being used by many financial service providers but more importantly already being used by your clients. The applications have been integrated in the platform that allows for a dynamic where little input is needed to perform service; allowing more time for consulting on the issues.





If you are linked to an accountant on our system, Flinx will not charge you the standard subscription cost.  We want you to work with your financial network and let them guide you appropriately.

If your accountant isn't on Flinx yet, go ahead and invite them here.  Once their account is set up we will give you a free upgrade on your account.





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If you have less than 3 applications on our system, it's still free.


3,4, or 5 APPS

Keeping it simple - if you have 5 or less apps, we are gonna make this short and sweet.  It's only $2 to start realizing benefits from the connectivity of your financial applications.


3,4, or 5 APPS

Getting Going - If you are working with between 6-9 applications, we have some great things in store for you.


3,4, or 5 APPS

Heavy hitter - if you have 9 or more apps, we want to help you get all of your finances in order through the connectivity magic we provide.  For only $10/month you get all the benefits of Flinx and free guidance to help you find the right people to help you manage your money.

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