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     Q:What kinds of applications can I load onto Flinx?


A:  All financial cloud-based applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Intuit Online, Bill.com, Dropbox, Online Banking, Wave, Freshbooks, Expense Cloud, Google Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., can be loaded onto Flinx.



     Q:How secure is your platform?


A:  High security browsers and Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide third-party verification with a visual display (Green address bar) that gives consumers confidence in Flinx. An Extended Validation SSL Certificate helps our web visitors complete secure transactions with confidence.



     Q:How do I access my applications once I am on Flinx?


A:  You will sign-on and go to your central command dashboard where you will see all of your applications listed.  Then just click the app to get started.



     Q:What types of communication features do you have on Flinx?


A:  Flinx allows you to use your personal computer, smartphone, and tablet to access it through the internet.  You can also message from Flinx through instant messaging or chat, email, or text to your tax accountant, financial advisors, and other financial service related vendors.



   Q: What are the benefits of having all my documents on the cloud platform?



--You'll never lose important documentation if you have a backed up digital copy.


--You don't have to carry as many bulky documents and folders around when travelling.


--You can reproduce your documents as many times as you see fit without ever having to worry about the cost or the effects on the environment.


--You can carry your entire portfolio with you wherever you go and access it at the touch of a button.


--Filing time is significantly reduced and staff resources are freed up for better use.


--With an electronic data storage system, tailored to the needs of your business, you can manage and access your client documentation quickly and easily in electronic format on a day-to-day basis. And you can keep your paper files and produce them when they are absolutely required, but you don't have to go rummaging around for them as often, wasting hours retrieving and re-filing.


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