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Flinx has developed a gateway to business, allowing our partners to serve our customers. The platform is necessarily as good as those partners Flinx invites to become a part of it.  Specifically, Flinx partners with companies that will keep the platform moving forward in a way that will keep our clients, users, advisors and vendors reaching for their goals.


Whether you provide budgetary tools, traditional accounting solutions, communication innovations or anything that will make our customers reach their goals and, for that  matter, their job done we want to hear from you.  Please keep in mind, however, there are some common traits we look for in our partners, some of those are: collaboration, avoiding duplication where it can be done, integrity, price equality and continuous innovation.


Flinx also wants our future partners to realize we look to make our partnership as easy as possible as we not only look to integrate your service but integrate your own business model where possible.  Moreover, we yield to most symbiotic in nature suggestions you may have  with the hopes, in part, it makes your experience better.  Also, you can rely on our staff to help your integration run smoother, as we are the integration experts.


Flinx offers the most innovative applications available because we take the time to examine very carefully our processes in order to improve it in the future while keeping mindful of what works for our clients.  In addition to our own efforts to improve operations we look for partners that will help complement our partners that are already on board.


If you find that you are the right fit for our platform we hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience to get you linked on


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