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The Gist


Flinx is a cloud-based platform that allows users to link all of their current cloud financial applications in a central location.  Think of Flinx as your financial application library controlled by your personal command center.  Users have a single sign-on to see all of their applications and as they enter or import data in individual applications, the centralized linking system performs automatic flow-through from one application to another.  Updates can be monitored through reporting tools.  With a few clicks, you can view your financial reports, produce summary financial information for your accountant or financial advisor, or gather documents necessary for real estate transactions.   It’s a totally efficient and effective financial management tool that can be used by individuals, business people, advisors and application vendors.  The possibilities are endless and everything is accomplished in a secure environment.





How It Works


Flinx, the single sign-on solution, uses integration to a competitive advantage by allowing users to securely transfer financial information seamlessly to and from advisors, applications and the end-users themselves. For the end-user this means having a big picture view via the Flinx dashboard that assists in an efficient way to monitor budgets, track investment opportunities and, for business owners, check the pulse of the company.  Application features are optimized on the platform because integration makes data collected transferable into other services, enhancing reliance of all the participating applications for real-time decision making. Advisors benefit because the integration allows for the lag time in information gathering and input to be allotted towards analysis.  Most importantly the end-users/owners are empowered to choose who will be allowed to access their financial data with a simple click and that same click will allow them to effectively and efficiently accomplish many if not all of their financial goals. Users can access Flinx through computers and mobile devices. Additionally, Flinx has ancillary offerings and solutions for social media tracking, coupon deals tailored to financial goals, communication solutions using the latest innovations for conferencing, and much, MUCH, more.





Who It Works For


The platform acts like a solution center for USERS utilizing the platform in any form or fashion.  Those users specifically are: Personal Solutions users, Business Solutions users, Accountant Solutions users, Financial Services Solutions users, and Vendor Solutions users.  Personal Solutions are for the end-users that have applications or that are looking to adopt/utilize applications housed in one central location allowing them to optimize their financial applications.  Business Solutions are for the end users that already have or are looking to adopt new applications, such as an accounting application, to integrate for the purpose of improving the monitoring of financials for their business.  Accounting Solutions are offered to CPA and accountants looking to adopt a virtual environment for their practice that offers efficiencies never offered before.  Financial Service Solutions is an all-encompassing category of advisors that provide anywhere from real estate transaction support, banking services, business brokerage services, etc.  The solutions offered to the Financial Service Solutions set of users are similar to that offered to the Accounting Solutions group in that all the information they need to service clients, from start to finish, is optimized on the platform.  Finally, Vendor Solutions is for those application providers that are looking to expand their offerings in an environment that expects a reciprocal arrangement allowing for data to be shared between users of all types of applications while creating new opportunities to attract new users.





The Flinx Promise


Flinx promises to get all users optimal results.  One way it accomplishes this is by hiring the best and brightest to implement and accomplish innovative processes.  Flinx also prides itself in initially operating in an environment where it is not a vision of one but a vision of many that ignited this platform into fruition and it is this same environment that continues to be respected today.  Flinx leads from the bottom to the top.




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