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The Circle of Life Made Easier.


Not until the availability of the Flinx platform was there a way to absolutely take control of all the financial applications available on the market. Platform controls allow each application to communicate tasks that necessarily need to be completed with information found in other applications. Before, not even an advisor could have accessed critical data to accomplish the client's goals in an efficient manner before the platform. Furthermore, with more than 1 million applications available on the market today, the platform is all the more so necessary to assure that the right applications provide real world solutions. Even if you are using an individual account, are a service provider account holder or a vendor account, Flinx has the features and integration that will suit individual needs while providing advisors and vendor better opportunities.


What Drove the Symbiotic Relationship?


As cloud application services delve into the desktop software market and eventually become the main-stay, the problem of not offering a comprehensive solution to both indivivudals and businesses for their financial goals is still at issue. In addition, Fortune 500 companies can simply create their solutions with their considerate amount of capital. This leaves no solution for small businesses and individuals. Thus, the creators of Flinx realized there was the need to be mindful of small businesses' and individuals’ financial needs. In addition, the creators of Flinx were motivated to provide a way to make accomplishing financial ideals a reality. What better way to do this than through integration.


Flinx takes pride in knowing that what has been created is a symbiotic relationship spurred on by necessity benefiting individual users, application creators/innovators, and advisors.


Everything Comes Together to Become a Flinx Reality.


At Flinx we sit on the front line of integration, transforming thoughts of adopting cloud technology into a reality. After nearly 7 years of building out and selling a tax application package in the cloud was launched. It is positioning itself to attract more users than any other online application because it serves all sectors of the population. A strong team of innovators make the shared visions of Flinx a reality.


In making it a reality, the staff at Flinx are constantly building relationships with innovators of new apps in anticipation of making financial management easier. In addition, our programmers look for new ways to streamline the integration while building tools that complement our partner application providers.


Flinx Is Committed to its Users .


We care about creating a more manageable future for our users, whether the economy is in an upswing or on the brink of collapse. While you will find fee plans that are flexible, the integration is consistent no matter what plan you sign up to use. Flinx changes the way business is done...for the better. The staff at Flinx knows that financial health is a shared responsibility and we know the platform should be a beacon for a healthy financial outlook made possible.


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